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Payment informations

The domain validated (DV) SSL ordering system serves you in the most comfortable way to get you through without any external help. You can easily take your order, pay online and issue your certificate at any time of the day.

Please note, that purchasing a domain validated SSL certificate of Netlock Ltd is considered as an electronic service contract where the General Terms of Agreement (GTA) and Certificate Practice Statement (CPS) is accepted by the customer.

The following payment methods are available:

- Credit or Bank/Debit Card


Forms of invoice:

- paper invoice (only posted within the territory of Hungary)

- e-invoice (no delivery restrictions)

In case of requesting paper invoice, we advise not to give any address on the postal form located out of Hungary, because - despite of the automated system may accept it, - e-invoice will be generated. We do not keep or store any data of your credit/bank/debit card!

With choosing the appropriate form of invoice you declare that you are able to accept and fully process these invoices as well.

Registration numbers:

If you place your order as an organization and own more type of registration numbers, then please use the right one according as follows:

- hungarian registration number – in case of hungary-based organization entity

- European registration number – in case of EU-based organization entity

- any legitimate registration number – in any case where the organization is located out of Europe