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Test of self-signed certificate

On the website below you can test the error messages you receive if you have a so-called self-signed (though not expired) SSL certificate issued not by a reliable Certification Authority.


Click here for the example.


Why not to use and accept such a certificate?


If you use such a certificate the visitors of your website will receive an error message every time they wish to use the site. Unwarranted persons can easily copy the self-signed certificates and thus create a false sense of security in the visitors of the site. With this “trust” they can launch a phishing attack causing extensive damage to the customers, users and your company.


Due to the above reasons we propose to give confidential information exclusively on sites protected by SSL certificates from reliable Certification Authority (e.g. NetLock SSL) as well as protect also your own website with such a certificate..


Benefits of using a NetLock SSL certificate.






Do not you know how to verify the validity of a certificate?

Click here for the guide.


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