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Automatic or classic SSL?

In the webshop two certificate types can be ordered differing in the method of issuance and verification. We give you help in choosing the proper certificate type as well as understanding the essential differences between the two types.



When to choose a NetLock domain validated automatic SSL certificate?

This solution works mainly when the primary aim is to encrypt communication on the given domain and the users already have a high trust in the carefully elaborated system. We propose to use this kind of certificate for a domain where the possibility of the so-called "man-in-the-middle" attack is slight. The possible areas of usage may be internal servers or e-mail servers.


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When to choose a NetLock organization validated classic SSL certificate?

We propose to use this kind of certificate if you need secure communication through the website of your company, bank or web shop; wish to increase trust of the visitors in your company, website and services; and have higher expectations towards certificates.


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