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Organization validated SSL certificates

We propose to order and use these kinds of certificates if you wish to indicate the name of the organization operating the website in the certificate thus increasing trust towards the site. These certificates provide much more information for the users; therefore they are excellent for preventing phishing attacks. Before issuing them the following identification steps may take place depending on the regulations for the given certificate class:


  • Verification of the ID documents of the company or organization
  • Verification of entitlement of the company or organization to use the given domain
  • Verification of entitlement of the representative to act on behalf of the company or organization
  • Verification of the ID documents of the representative of the organization
  • Personal appearance at the site of NetLock or in front of a notary public


Due to the manual identification processes the NetLock organization validated SSL certificates are issued within some days/weeks depending mainly on the “activity” of the applicant (presenting documents, signing declarations, personal appearance, etc.).



  • High trust level: Since the name of the company or organization is included in these classic certificates ban they highly help the visitors in determining the operator of the site. This may lead to increasing trust among potential customers and thus influence interest in and demand for on-line services and on-line sales.
  • Protection against phishing: Since the name of the company or organization is included in the organization validated certificates the user can make certain that he/she gives data to the organization to which he/she really wanted to.



  • Speed: Due to the special identification processes time needed for issuing such certificates can be measured in days or weeks depending mainly on the “activity” of the applicant.
  • Price: Since the domain validated certificates are issued not automatically and none of the necessary identification processes can be neglected these certificates have a somewhat higher price compared to automatic certificates.


When to choose a NetLock organization validated classic SSL certificate? We propose to use this kind of certificate if you need secure communication through the website of your company, bank or webshop; wish to increase trust of the visitors in your company, website and services; and have higher expectations towards certificates.


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