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Why spend on an SSL certificate?

For companies offering e-commerce services (e.g. webshops, e-commerce and e-mailing systems) one of the best tools for creating trust is to build a secure on-line connection (SSL). A basic demand of participants in on-line purchases, financial transactions and registrations is to receive a guarantee from the data collector that no unauthorized persons can get access to their data (name, password, personal data, confidential as well as financial information, content of mails, etc.).

Why is it important to obtain the SSL certificate from a registered Certification Authority?

SSL certificates are frequently issued by companies for themselves for their websites thinking that working properly technically they are also perfectly acceptable for the visitors of the site. The Customers however are extremely sensitive to the different error messages from their browsers! The so-called “self-signed” certificates flood the Customers with security messages. A possible consequence is that they will not use the on-line payment system, register with false data and basically approach suspiciously the carefully elaborated system.

On a website protected by an advanced SSL certificate issued by NetLock your customers will not receive security warnings or error messages since our Certification Authority certificates are present as default in the most popular browser programs like:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla Suit
  • KDE Konqueror
  • Google Chrome
  • Maxthon
  • Avant

Check the error messages you receive if using not properly installed, self-signed or expired certificate on your website.





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