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Domain validated automatic SSL certificates

A domain (web address – e.g. validated SSL certificate is a certificate that can be applied for and issued within some minutes by domain control (supervising ability) verification. Verification consists of 3 main parts:


  • verification of the WHOIS record belonging to the domain
  • verification of the e-mail address in the record
  • verification of web server access ability (allocation of a unique code)


Thus verification (presenting documents, signing declarations, personal appearance) of the owner (person or organization) does not take place in case of such certificates this is why the name of the organization is not included in the certificate. Certainly this has both its advantages and its disadvantages.



  • Speed: You can get a complete, worldwide approved NetLock SSL certificate within some minutes without presenting personal and organizational documents and personal identification processes.
  • Price: Since these kinds of certificates are issued automatically and the identification processes of NetLock need not be carried out they are the cheapest SSL certificates on the market.



  • Possibility of mistrust: Since the name of the company or organization is not included in these automatic SSL certificates they do not help the visitors in determining the operator of the site. This may lead to mistrust among potential customers.
  • Uncertainty: The domain validated certificates do not contain any information assuring that the user gives data to the organization to which he/she really wanted to.


When to choose a NetLock domain validated automatic SSL certificate?

This solution works mainly when the primary aim is to encrypt communication on the given domain and the users already have a high trust in the carefully elaborated system. We propose to use this kind of certificate for a domain where the possibility of the so-called "man-in-the-middle" attack is slight. The possible areas of usage may be internal servers or e-mail servers.


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If you wish to reach a higher trust level on your website protected by SSL certificate choose among organization validated classic NetLock certificates.


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